Routes from the United Kingdom

14 September 2021

Mapping the most carbon-efficient routes

A new way to pick your next destination

We have created a map that charts all the routes of the world's most carbon efficient flights. The map displays routed by country, city, airport, airline and aircraft type.

Our map will help guide you towards a journey that has the lowest impact on our planet. Enabling you to explore better, friendlier flight options,

The data is based on search results that we run continuously between the top 100 airports in the world, which we will expand over time to cover more destinations.

Carbon-efficient routes operated by Singapore Airlines

Search results of fights between the top airports are filtered and sorted according to our ranking mechanism and displayed on the map. The results only show routes flown by flights ranked OK (the best). We disregard all others. We want to encourage travellers to pick the least polluting option.

We show you the CO₂ for any given route, the distance, the airline and the aircraft type operating it.

You can search for a city or country or tap/click to explore destinations.

Routes from London Heathrow

There are plenty of routes from almost all major airports. Results are ranked based on their carbon emissions, and you can see what the difference will be between a flight to Copenhagen or Oslo for example.

Carbon-efficient routes flown by the A320 NEO

As airlines add more efficient aircraft to their fleets we will the number of destinations increase as well.

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