17 February 2023

An Update from Lite.Flights

What's next and what we now offer

Good Caesar launched Lite.Flights into the wild in the early days of the pandemic, just when airlines were shutting down and placing their jets into long-term storage. Terrible timing.

Lite.Flights is unique. It is still the only flight search engine build around finding, not the cheapest flights in terms of monetary expenses, but the cheapest flights for the planet. That remains true today as it did the day we launched. The principle of our project is super-simple. The newer the aircraft you are on, the smaller the emissions will be.

Skyscanner was already displaying carbon emissions, but in a very different manner from us. Then came Google Flights and added carbon emissions to its very popular product, but that did not come without controversy.

Offsetting and Sustainable Aviation Fuel

For a while now, consumers have been encouraged to offset their flights. Some airlines already had that option as part of their ecommerce solutions. However, offsetting might not be the solution everyone's craving.

Coming out of the pandemic, air travel simply exploded. Demand has been off the charts and airlines have struggled to keep up. Mixed in amongst the “pent up demand” had a growing awareness that aviation is a pretty polluting way of getting around.

In comes sustainable aviation fuel, made from sustainable sources such as cooking oil and similar, or extracted out of thin air like what the Air Company is doing. There are two big issues with SAF.

  1. The amount of SAF currently produced is minuscule compared to what’s actually required. It’s a fraction of a percentage, but lots of companies are working very hard to scale up world-wide production.

  2. SAF is still a fuel, it burns and has a carbon footprint similar to traditional fuels, but it works today and can be used in most modern jet engines.

We are still years away before we will see a hydrogen or battery powered aircraft at your local airport. Fly smarter, picking the right flight is still your best option now and hopefully SAF will make greater inroads.

Planes Over London

What we offer

Lite.Flight is made by Good Caesar. We are a small digital studio based in London. Over the years we have built numerous web applications for clients. Parallel to our client work we have also launched a number of aviation projects. Lite.Flights is one of them. Others include Aircraft Stowaway, which tells the stories of all known stowaways journeys since 1946, Planes Over London and Direction of Travel, a newspaper devoted to airline maps and the culture of flying.

Last summer we re-launched Planes Over London. This seemingly small project monitors the airspace over London, provides a 14 day prediction on when planes will overfly the capital. It has proven to be much more popular than we envisaged.

We are now offering our unique aviation expertise and services directly to clients. We know the subject. We understand that its emissions footprints need to be tackled. We know about the impact of airports on the communities around it. We are already sharing its stories. We have decade plus experience developing web applications. We have multiple unique data sets ranging from emissions to noise and many more.

If this is something you are interested in we would love to hear from you.

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