A behind the scenes look at, the carbon-aware flight search engine.

Air travel is a significant contributor to the atmosphere's dangerous CO₂ levels and emissions could triple by 2050. As the climate crisis deepens, the conflict between our need to fly and our responsibility to the planet escalates. We recognise that people will still fly, so we show you the options that will make a difference.

Our CO₂ impact model is based on extensive research and our database covers the vast majority of the world's airlines. We've built emission models for all aircraft types, from the latest Airbus A350-1000 to much older models such as the Boeing 747-400. Our route data is updated continuously, and we regularly improve our modelling of aircraft and their respective CO₂ emissions, so you can be confident of the impact of the routes you choose.

Good Caesar

Lite.Flight is a experimental project by Good Caesar, a London-based digital design and technology studio. We design and build digital products for a wide-range of clients and specialise in interactive maps and editorial systems.

The Team:

  • Christian Nolle, Founder

  • Clancy Hood, Lead Developer

  • Andy Sykes, Producer & Project Manager


Please contact Christian directly for any questions, comments, suggestions. We value feedback.

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